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Board Rentals

High Tide is proud to offer surf board rentals for all your wave riding needs! We have a collection of foam longboards and foam core/plastic shell BIC's to choose from. From beginner to experienced we have the board for you! 


How much does renting a board cost?

It is $45 for 24 hours. This is the shop minimum, however you can always rent for multiple days. 


What is needed to rent? 

We ask that you are at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license and a debit/credit card. We will make a photo copy of both to hold for the duration of your rental. We will return this copy to you once the board is brought back. 

Do you deliver boards? 

At this time we are unable to deliver. However, we do have tie down straps that we are able to loan with the rental. We are also a short walk away from the Second Street beach walkover. 

What if I want to extend the rental? 

All you have to do is call the shop and we will run your card on file! 

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